Dental Treatment


This clinic is one of the most trusted and reliable medical partners for years, which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Full range of dental services can be performed here. The clinic owns all the newest necessary equipment for the safe and reliable treatment. Materials used in procedures are purchased in America, Japan and other European countries.
Anesthesia type is selected individually according to client needs and desires. There are unique techniques for pregnant and sensitive people.
Also the clinic has separate department which specializes on solving kids’ health problems with very responsive and attentive staff and child friendly design of interior.
Most of the specialists knows three languages and can find an approach to each client, help to overcome fear, even before removing the teeth. The clinic uses only digital radiography with reduced radiation doses and diagnostic X-ray can be performed in any time during procedure. Prosthetics implantation, oral hygiene, different systems of teeth whitening, brackets installation, correction of malocclusion and treatment after injury.

SIROWA private dental clinic

SIROWA clinic is located in the center of Riga. Fully equipped with modern facilities, latest innovative techniques and constantly updates its expert s knowledge. The clinic has an operating room, as well as accommodation is available for foreign customers.


This is an international level dental clinic offering the following services: implantology, removable and non-removable prosthetics, oral hygiene: tartar removal, covering with fluoride gel coating for sensitive teeth Desensitizer “Gluma”, Tiefenfluorid “, varnish” Seal & Protect “, laser teeth whitening and ZOOM. Teeth aesthetics: dental decoration with Swarovski from 50 euros and diamond jewelery from 70 euros. Orthodontics, braces from 300 euros. In SWISS DENTAL EXPERTS surgery of varying degrees of complexity is also offered.