General Surgery

Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital

This hospital is the largest public hospital in Latvia. Located only 10 minutes by car from Riga airport. In cases where surgery is necessary, we often use the services of this hospital. Hospital carries out different complex operations, coronary artery bypass surgery, prosthetic heart valves implantation, pacemaker implantation, treatment of atherosclerotic coronary artery narrowing and vasodilatation by stent implantation, and many others. Also Latvian centre of transplantology is located in this mayor hospital with years of experience in renal transplantation..

Riga East Clinical University Hospital: Clinic «Bikernieki»

The clinic operates and provides treatment at the highest level since year 1963. Clinic’s best departments are Latvian Burn Center, Gerontology Center, as well as outpatient surgical department, where thyroid gland operations, manipulation of abdominal wall hernias, colorectal surgery and removal of the gallbladder are possible.