Steps you take…


By finding our company, you have completed the first step! Because it is extremely important to have somebody coordinating every aspect of your care abroad, particularly because our company’s headquarters are situated in the country of your choice – Latvia.
You contact us. That can be done by filling in the Enquiry form and getting a clients account or by calling us (+371 24509977). Simplifying and coordinating all of the process is our work, so you can relax and concentrate on your medical condition.
We contact you. We give a primary consult.

  • Gathering more information on your profile, so we can determine if you are a good candidate for medical travel.
  • That includes getting your medical records (such as X-rays, CT, MRI’s and other test results plus your physicians concept that allows you to travel) by using secure file transfer in our members area.
  • Answering all of your questions
  • Planning further cooperation
We search for the best option for your unique situation. Than we provide your medical records to the matched doctor, who gives recommendations and provides cost estimates. Then if needed, we arrange a conference call between you and abroad medical team.
We together decide on the dates of your travel and make all the preparations to provide you maximum personal comfort.
After you arrive in Latvia. Your personal host person picks you up at the airport and transfers you directly to the hospital, where your procedure takes place.
We arrange your flight back right after the Latvian medical team decides that you are ready to come home. We check your travel arrangements once again, so all you have to do is pack and board the plane. We stay connected with you for as long as you need us and help you get answers from your overseas doctor should any post-care issues arise.