Plastic Surgery

Private plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Janis Gilis

Dr. Gilis is a medical doctor who passed residency in Moscow in the National Center of Surgery, practicing plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine since 1985. His private plastic surgery clinic is located in the heart of Riga, has a cozy lounge and an opportunity to stay in a comfortable ward for the recovery period after surgery is done. This private plastic surgery clinic offers the following services: a face lift, neck and nose correction, rhinoplasty, Laser Lipolysis of fatty tissue, liposuction, tummy tuck, buttocks and legs plastic surgery as well as plastic surgery of male and female sexual organs. Various methods of removal and correction of keloid, hypertrophic scars and contracture scars on the face are offered.
Experts from Dr. Janis Gilis clinic offers hyaluronic acid injections – JUVEDERM ULTRA, SURGIDERM, RESTYLANE, injections of botulinum toxin (BOTOX / VISTABEL, DYSPORT), as well as lipofilling with PureGraft ™ technology.


HEALTH CENTRE 4: Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery

Experienced plastic surgeon Andrew Kremniov consults and performs surgery in HEALTH CENTRE 4 surgery clinic. This clinic is located in the city center, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the fair pricing. In addition, gynecological diseases and vein treatment can also be performed using the latest technologies and techniques. Clinic of Dermatology and Surgery offers services of such specialists as plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, gynecologist, medical pedicure specialists and experts in laser procedures.

Private plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis

Dr. Feldmanis – is an experienced, highly skilled plastic surgeon with 15 years long experience of practicing plastic surgery in Latvia, Europe and United States of America. Dr.Feldmanis offers unique techniques in the field of plastic surgery. The ultra-modern, high-tech and comfortable clinic, located outside Riga, in a quiet and green location, will allow to relax and enjoy yourself and nature. Private clinic of Dr.Feldmanis, also offers services of medical SPA with unique SPA treatments for an accelerated recovery after plastic surgery is performed. Opportunity to combine facial and body procedures under the strict supervision of plastic surgery professionals constantly attracts our customers to come back again!

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