Publish Medical Science Papers

MD VasiljevDr. Vasiljevs, founder of medical tourism agency Health & Tourism still remembers his student years and how difficult it was to publish research papers.
Today Dr. Vasiljevs is happy to help medical science students to publish research papers online.
Health & Tourism is well recognised website with international audience serving thousands of users from USA, United Kingdom, Latvia and other countries.
We welcome submissions from all fields of Medial science and from any source. We are committed to the prompt evaluation and publication of submitted papers.

Requirements to publish your research paper online:

  • the research question is well-defined, and contextualised;
  • an argument is specified, coherently presented and supported by evidence;
  • alternative arguments are analysed;
  • the approach is critical, not descriptive;
  • a relevant methodology is employed;
  • relevant sources have been consulted;
  • knowledge of relevant literature, issues and debates is demonstrated; and
  • the style and presentation is clear and careful, and appropriate academic conventions have been observed.


It is your responsibility to document all work that is not your own in the thesis or
dissertation by proper citation of sources. If you are using information that you have previously
published under your own name, you should still, nonetheless, cite yourself in your

Technical specifications

  • File formats: .doc/.docx/.odf
  • File size up to 10Mb

Referencing styles

  • Oxford
  • Harvard

Research papers languages

  • English
  • Latvian
  • Russian